Albatross is the Pharmaceutical Distribution Division of Bescoat Group. We operate on a vertically integrated platform representing all formats of pharmaceutical distribution viz. C&FA, C&A, Super Distribution under Logistics, Wholesale business under Albatross and Organized-Retailing under our Brand Name, Bescoat. The company is ranked today as one among the top distributors in the State of Kerala. Albatross is a distributor for some of the top Pharmaceutical companies of India such as Bliss, Perk, Alicon etc. Since last many decades, the company is known for its highest distribution standards in the field of Pharmaceuticals and home care solutions. All the distribution setups are compliant with international WHO GSDP (Good Storage & Distribution Practices) standards. The group today employees dedicated and well trained professionals, which includes fulltime Pharmacists.

The pursuit of delivering breakthroughs is basic to our culture. It shapes our strategy, defines our purpose, and governs every facet of our operations — from research and development (R&D) that leads to pharmaceutical inventions, to the transfer of knowledge to patients and providers, to the way we respond to the changing marketplace.

We have created innovative breakthroughs in a wide range of research areas and today we’re taking to market our best selling products developed after thorough research. Division is uniquely positioned to serve the growing needs of our market through import, distribution, marketing and license manufacturing through integrity and professionalism while enjoying esteemed reputation.